Women Care


 Not only in the case of a man but these sayings stand for the functioning of the whole world. She said to be the ultimate strength and support. Womanhood is the period in a female life after she has passed through childhood and adolescence and this is the time she needs more attention for her health.


We have 3 different major sectors to support women’s care.
We are successfully handling women-related issues including, endocrine modulation, age stress issues, body toning, and Natural pregnancy care support.

Oushadi Marg

Oushadi marg (external herbal applications) based on BPM Therapy or the medication through our physician.

We are mainly into:

  • Stress and strain management
  • Protective early aging programs like ‘Allure’
  • Hormone modulation therapies to support in various issues in different ages.
  • Eye care and facial support through sinus nerve massage
  • Sleep disorder issue.

Yogic method

Koumudi Kriya (special women care section of Chandrakalayoga).

Program Details:

  • This method is based on ancient ‘Kriyayoga’ science and it is a scientific application to get a healthy life.
  • It support hormone restructuring and cure women problems.
  • It is a Seven days package and each session lasting 1hr 30minutes..
  • It is strictly related with the effect of lunar magnetism in sodium content of our body and neuro-structure.
  • It includes one kriya to get stress-relief and body refreshment.
  • It is helpful for hormonal balancing.
  • Some of the exercises are used for the preventive breast cancer therapy.
  • It is proved to reduce PMS and related women issues including menopause problem.
  • It is helpful for reducing anxiety and sleeping disorders.
  • As per the lunar cycle and its effect on hormones, visible mood changes, body temperature variations are normal.
  • 7 days course is only a supporting training, and 90 days regular practice is necessary for visible extreme results.
  • Website: www.parinamadharma.in

Wellness approaches

With the basis of ‘Practical Psychology’ and Music therapy, we have a unique approach
in women-related issues.

Our “Our wellness-related approaches are helpful to develop