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From immunizations to checkups and preventive care,  exams, our primary care physicians and providers work to keep you and your whole family healthy and strong each and every day.



Our uniqueness in ‘Neuro-Rehab’ support is the trans-disciplinary integrated approach of various medical systems focused on the Indian healthcare approach.

Chronic disease patients especially with neurological damages suffer a lot during their hospital days and recovery time. Most stroke and paralysis conditions require special attention for their recovery from physiological, neurological, and psychological conditions.

Our ‘Neuro-Rehab’ department targets the patients who recovered from their life-
threatening period using the mainstream medical system.
Our integrated approach helps them for a speedy recovery. We use the integrated approach of different methods like,

External herbal applications


Stimulation therapies

Oil massage

Medicated steam bath

Neuro -transmission approach of BPM Therapy


Speech therapy

Psychological support

Stress management support

Music & sound energy management

Movement therapy.

Noninvasive methods

Our integrated trans-disciplinary approach is capable to provide faster and better recovery /support for after-stroke therapies. Our system coordinates, physical/muscular therapies, movement support, speech therapies, neuro-strengthening and brain gym, psychological support, and immunity improvement.

BPM Therapy

It is a system of therapy that produces changes in the human body through modulation of the BioPlasmic life force. BioPlasmic life force is the English equivalent of the Sanskrit word ‘ojas’. The development of BPMT is based on a yogic concept about ojas and it’s stimulation in the body. The Gross(Tamoguna) form of Ojas in our body is the power of reproduction and sexual energy.

Our Specialty Sectors

Women care

We successfully handle women-related issues, including, endocrine modulation, age stress issues, body toning, and natural pregnancy care support.

Pain & Arthritic care

we have a general pain and arthritic care support team for joint flexibility program, joint pain, general arthritic pain, etc

Geriatric care

Geriatric care management is a process of planning and coordinating care of the elderly with physical (and/or) with other impairments

Stress & strain

We utilize the powerful method of ‘Practical Psychology’ to get maximum relief in their indirect physical ailments and preventive care support.

Sleep disorders

We can offer your better sleep and relaxation through the practical approach of BPM Therapy.

Spine & Back bone therapies

We offer a comprehensive management program in back pain care, disc issues, cervical spondylosis, arthritic degeneration management, etc.