Preventia healthcare

About Us

Harish A S

Founder & Director

Preventia healthcare is a conceptual realization of the motto behind BPM Therapy. The blooming of BPM Therapy (Bio-Plasmic Modulation Therapy) is in the sun rise of ancient Indian healthcare wisdom and its connection with modern medical systems and technologies.

Preventia healthcare targets Preventive health approaches and healthy wellbeing of the society through 5 zone approaches. Multi-disciplinary integrated approach for various health issues is the uniqueness which Preventia can provide.

We are into various sectors of therapeutic interventions with the philosophical fragrance of Ayurveda, Sidha, Kriyayoga, Vasiyoga, Music & sound energy management and Movement therapy.

This can work with modern and traditional medical systems as per the interest and the level of understanding of a physician from the particular discipline.


Dr Meghna Sudhan

Preventia Healthcare LLP & Therapy center, Bangalore-77

Dr Sivani Menon

Neuro Psycho Endocrinologist
Suyog Hospital, Mysore Karnataka.

Dr. Shibeesh

Amritha Memorial Ayruvedic Center Panampad, Edappal, Kerala

Dr. Prakash Namboothiri

Sri Sankara Ayurvedic Clinic Ponnani, Kerala

About our Clinic

Preventia healthcare is registered as a limited liability company and serving as a major unit
under The Preventia Group. Research and development of BPM Therapy (the integrated
ancient Indian healthcare approach) Preventia formed with an ideology to provide
maximum integrated support and promote ancient classical ayurvedic method for faster
recovery for public.